Growth in Automotive, Construction, Electronics, Healthcare, Housing & Construction, Textiles and FMCG is driving growth in plastics.


Demand in the last 5 years has been led by growth in polymers, fiber intermediates, synthetic fiber and elastomers.


Printing is driven by growth in print packaging and print publishing. The market size of the package-printing sector is expected to make up 43% of total print product sales in the next year.

China and Technocracy

China and Technocracy

In contrast with the parliaments of the Western where the leaders have law degrees, with China, most of the leaders are individuals with science and engineering degrees. With this Chinese approach, it is believed that the chosen leaders will adopt a technocratic and pragmatic framework when solving issues regarding the country. In addition, since these leaders are not burdened with ideology, their governing efficiency is very high and effective.  The training of this individual greatly impacts policymaking as these individuals are molded more by their education and hence, they have less desire in prevailing and consolidating control in the struggle for power in the Chinese community.

The technocracy idea where China is governed by educated individuals dates back to the 18th Century during the Qing-dynasty.  This is where learned and wise were highly held up and protected and this system had its advantages in that the leaders appointed at that time were able to utilize their knowledge in making decisions that helped the community to grow and develop. Although the perception of Chinese technocrat has been idolized and are seen as superior in terms of their capabilities to efficiently manage the government, these leaders may have a challenge in a constructive and realistic assessment of policies as compared to their counterparts.  

Just like any other individual, they are capable of screwing their economy given the political imperative they have been given over the economy. Although these leaders remain to be highly educated on paper, in reality, the degrees that they have are less impressive. Most of the leaders that have been chosen are seen to have obtained advanced degrees while they fully working as officials and this leaves people wondering how committed they were and how they managed to do their work.  In rare instances where the dissertations of these leaders were obtained, a high degree of plagiarism has been found and their work can be linked to students with first ranks who and the work was exchanged at a small fee.

Most of the degrees that the leaders in China have been seen to have been faked rather than being awarded and the perception that these leaders are scholars is just but pretense. The early reformers put so much weight on the importance that science carries and this has been maintained in the Chinese culture over the years. However, the leaders in the early 20th century had actual practical experience in their science and engineering jobs before they were chosen as leaders.  It is clear that even with engineering and science leaders, no pragmatism has been brought.

A major Chinese legacy that can be attributed to the devotion that Chinese science leaders have is the development of the Great Firewall.  This is a project that has made it impossible to access free internet and this is aimed at maintaining political and social power on the public. However, using a vpn on smartphone or your computer can give you access to any site that you wish to visit as the VPN will hide your real IP address and gives you a different location.